The WRONG Question:

WHY should my business

"Waste Money"

on Marketing?

Why waste money on marketing, right?

Because clearly, relying on THESE ARE "BETTER"

(Question mark?)


1️⃣Referrals 🗣️

Fact: Referrals?

They are great STARTING off,

but they dry up fast.

2️⃣Billboards on highways 🚗

Fact: Billboards?

How the fuck am I going to give THAT my attention WHILE I'm driving..... Go on,

I'll wait for your answer.


3️⃣Business cards that become bookmarks 📇

Fact: Business cards?

Cut the BULL SHIT....

We ALL know you got the cards FOR YOU....

you wanted to see your business on a card, there is no shame in that.....

but there IS some shame if that's your excuse for NOT doing something different


4️⃣Vehicles with your logo driving around aimlessly 🚚

Fact: Your logo on a vehicle?

Hope you like spending money on gas.

What is it? $6.78 a Gallon, right?


5️⃣Cold calls that scream desperation 📞

Fact: Cold calls?

Guaranteed way to get hung up on, cursed out, and find out some very.....


things about yo mamma.


6️⃣Flyers handed out by kids who are just in it for the pocket change 💸

Fact: Flyers?

Perfect for filling trash cans, NOT your wallet with CASH.


are doing such a stellar job. Just ask your

non-existent line of

new customers....

need a Few more?


Radio ads?

Most people stream music now.




Rare unless you're a coffee shop.




Pens and T-shirts don’t make sales.


Let’s face it, these

outdated methods are not just inefficient;

they are a drain on your resources.

Your business

deserves better

than these costly, unreliable methods.

It’s time to ask the

RIGHT question

and embrace the future.

Ready to make a change?

Book a call with us to find out how!


The RIGHT Question:


would a customer find you if your product was


------------------------------------Imagine a world where your perfect customer finds you effortlessly.

They see your product,

realize it’s exactly what they need, and buy it on the spot.......

Spoiler: This is not a fantasy!

Smart, targeted social media marketing makes it a reality.

Your ads are seen by people

actively searching

for your product,

tailored to their interests and behaviors.

This isn’t just marketing;

it’s matchmaking for businesses and customers.


No more hoping for the right people to stumble upon your business.

Social Media Marketing

ensures your product is front and center,

right where your customers are looking.

  • Reach your ideal customers anywhere, anytime 🌍📱

  • Ads that run 24/7, capturing leads even while you sleep 🌙

  • Cost-effective, starting as low as $10 a day to get $150 in sales 📈

  • Precise targeting ensures your message hits the right audience every time 🎯

-----------------------------------Discover how to turn this dream into your reality.

Stop wasting time and money on methods that don’t work.

Schedule your consultation now and let’s get your business noticed!




Sure, your business does

"Just Fine"



  • Referrals 🗣️: When was the last time they brought in a new customer?

  • Billboards 🚗: Do people even look up from their phones anymore?

  • Business Cards 📇: Lost in the abyss of wallets and desk drawers.

  • Vehicles 🚚: More gas on the road, less money in your pocket.

  • Cold Calls 📞: Nothing says “I’m desperate” like interrupting dinner.

  • Flyers 💸: Sure, let’s litter the neighborhood and hope for the best.

  • Radio 📻: Who still listens to that?

  • Walk-ins 🚶: Great, if you're a coffee shop. Not so much otherwise.

  • Swag 🖊️: Because everyone loves a cheap pen with your logo on it. 🙄



These methods are not just outdated, they are money pits.

You deserve marketing that

works as hard as you do.

It’s time to embrace social media marketing –

efficient, targeted, and measurable.

Don’t settle for “just fine.

Elevate your business to greatness.

Ready to see the difference?

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Social Media Marketing


  • Why spend money on outdated tactics when you can invest in targeted social media ads?

  • Ads that can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime – 24/7.

  • Imagine spending $10 a day and gaining $150 in sales from just one customer.

  • Learn how to leverage this powerful tool for your business.....

    OR have someone do it for you!



Social media marketing is not just an expense;

it's an investment in your business’s future.

It allows you to reach a global audience, targeting potential customers based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics.

This means your ads are seen by the right people at the right time,

increasing the chances of conversion.


  • Around-the-clock reach ensures your business is always visible 🕒.

  • Cost-effective campaigns that deliver high ROI 💰.

  • Precision targeting for

    maximum impact and minimal waste 🎯

  • Analytics to track and optimize performance 📊.



But wait – you don't have to do it alone.

Let us handle it for you and

ensure your business

gets the attention it deserves.

Ready to revolutionize your marketing?

Book a consultation now and secure your spot.

Remember, we can only ethically take on

one business per industry

and our slots are filling up fast. Don’t miss out!




might get you a customer once in a blue moon, but they’re not a sustainable growth strategy.


are like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean, hoping someone sees it.

Business cards

Might as well hand out blank pieces of paper. Vehicle wraps are just moving targets with no guaranteed hits.

Cold calls

are intrusive and annoying.


often end up in the trash without a second glance.

Radio ads

are tuned out or skipped.


are unpredictable.


It's just free stuff people forget about.


Use the calendar below to schedule your consultation

take the first step towards transforming

your business with

Pura Vida Media

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